Friday, October 21, 2011

Still Thinking About An ACW Campaign

Since a few folks have emailed me about how this campgaign might work, H
here are my thoughts, such as they are.

1) I will use a more developed version of the map posted here

1) Movement will be point to point. I will give players some guidelines for their orders, such as "Bde A will move in column of march from Xtown to Ytown" or "B Regt will send a company to scout Ztown for enemy forces".

2) Players will only know their order of battle and will only know the players on their team. Knowledge of enemy forces will develop through reconnaissance, troops in contact, etc.

3) Players will submit their orders to me and I will update the master map.

4) Battles will be fought out using TFL rules, either TCHAE for large actions or TSS for smaller actions such as patrols. For naval actions, I will use a set a boardgame called Shot and Shell. Players will have some opportunity to see the tabletop develop and issue orders, but I will layout and fight the actions on my tabletop.

5) I may write some very rudimentary rules for supply and command and control. Still thinking about that.

This is as far as my thinking has advanced and I am probably a month away from starting this.


  1. Have you looked at borrowing the supply and command and control from Kriegspiel? They have a good bit of that figured out already.

  2. Yes, what he said. Much of that is figured out and ready to use in KS. The 1862 version rules should be perfect.

  3. Good thoughts, chaps! And another excuse to support Richard's empire of Lard!

  4. Exactly. Your boss said so:"Render unto Richard..." and all that!
    And combine it with PF to roll up sub-commanders that the players have to control. Making do with co-commanders and sub-commanders that were less than perfect seems to have been an integral part of command in ACW.


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