Sunday, May 24, 2020

Meanwhile - In the Elven Woodland Realms 4

Good morning from my part of Canada, where the spring has finally come in the latter part of May and we actually turning on the air conditioning yesterday!

Not sure these figures are dressed for AC.  Come to think of it, they’re not really dressed at all!   I’m a little embarrassed, being a vicar and all, about these figures, but I loved the aesthetic of the old War-games Foundry Realms of Faerie line and some years ago I jumped at the chance to buy the figures.    I’ve been intimidated about painting them, because flesh tones are hard to do right, but I’m reasonably happy with the way they’ve turned out.

These fierce young ladies join an existing cohort of finished figures to make a fairly distinctive war band for Dragon Rampant.  I’ve always enjoyed the comments of other gamers when their comrades appear on the table, so I expect these figures will raise some eyebrows.

 I modified the banner bearer to add a Games Workshop Uruk Hai head as a Middle Earth tie in.  Perhaps these figures are part of Galadriel’s secret service commando unit.  Professor Tolkien would doubtless frown in disapproval, but there you go.

 She’s a strong lass to hold all that up.

 Blessings to your brushes!



  1. Lovely figures, nicely painted. Just a thought...if we can paint naked Celtic warriors without reservation, what is so wrong about these female figures in a state of undress?

  2. Perhaps a bit risqué but nicely done Michael.

  3. Nicely done.
    I guess they won't be out early morning if there is a frost:-)
    Best wishes

  4. The Professor definitely felt the Faerie Realm was a perilous place for humans and not subject to our rules.
    I'm sure the cold doesn't bother them.

  5. Oh I say Padre, these have certainly brightened my day.

  6. Great looking elven Amazons! Lovely finish!
    Best Iain

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  8. The painting is excellent, the anatomy sculpting on the other hand, well, I suppose they are fantasy figures.

  9. I’ve got a feeling that there’s a wicked side to your good self.

    Lovely minis Mike. That naked bunch of fae are growing in number!


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