Sunday, May 7, 2017

Panzer Reinforcements For Kampfgruppe Von Topper

Here are five new tanks for the early WW2 Wehrmacht force I am slowly assembling.  These are the excellent Plastic Soldier Company 15mm PzKpfwIV models made up as AusF models, suitable for Barbarossa.    I really like the PSC philosophy. which allows you to make different variants of the same basic tank in the same kit.  Very clever.  Likewise, their T34 kit contains two turret variants, for the 76mm and 85mm guns.   Nice.  Sadly these don’t have any stowage or decals yet.  The models don’t have much room for turret numbers.  I suppose a cross on the top of the turret might not go amiss.

I’ve dry brushed them liberally to suggest the dust of the summer/fall of 1941, though it turns the panzer grey almost green, which I’m not sure I like.   Otherwise no weathering, other than a little rust on the tracks and the track sections used as frontal armour.  I have glued them to the magnetized bases I like to use for storage in cookie tins, which keeps the models from getting bashed around.  The bases also look sharp, in my humble opinion.


These platoon had its introduction to combat the other night, when I was pushing them around the table to try and understand the mechanics of Flames of War 4.0.   Please don’t judge me harshly on this, it’s what the WW2 guys play at the club and it’s that or nothing, right now.   

I put them under the command of the household’s junior member, Leutnant von Topper, who has volunteered to command all Wehrmacht forces in future, though he wants to call them “Purrmacht”.  Here he works on digging the Soviet defenders out from cover.

                                                                                             Come out, little red mice!

As an exercise, I put the PzIVs up against four KV1s that are almost ready to roll of the Red Banner Workbench.  The Germans were rated Confident Veteran, the Soviets were rated Fearless Conscript.  I quickly learned that with KV1’s front armour of 9 and a side/rear armour of 8, there is no chance of a PZIV’s 75mm gun being able to knock out one of these monsters.  The best one can hope for is that the Soviet rolls a 1 on his armour save on a side/rear shot against the 75mm gun’s AT rating of nine, meaning that 1+8 ties the AT rating and causes a bail.  So basically the KV1 doesn’t get knocked out, it just fails a morale check.   Meanwhile the PzIV has a front armour of 5 and a side armour of 3 and while the Conscript Soviets are crap shots, it’s bad when they hit.


                                                      These comrades will ruin a tanker’s d

I think Kampfgruppe Von Topper will be asking for 88mm AT and Stuka support in its next requisition.  I think in the short term they will have to settle for some infantry support to go close assault those beasts.

Blessings to your brushes!


These figures bring my 2017 totals to:

15mm: Vehicles: 8, Foot Figures: 4, Scenic Pieces: 7

20mm: Foot figures: 18

28mm:  Foot Figures: 86;  Mounted Figures: 11; Terrain Pieces: 17






  1. Replies
    1. Nope. IV Aus D-F - see

  2. Hardly historical deploying big cats on the board for Barbarossa?

    1. Well, Topper is only a year old, scarcely more than an Ensign, so I suppose he qualifies as a Little Cat.

    2. I guffawed aloud reading this in the workplace!

  3. Lovely looking panzers, look weathered just enough for me and the bases look fine. I think the wehrmacht commander would like some panthers and pumas to play with rather than the mkIVstandard you've given him, you might have to move into late war to accommodate him!
    Best Iain

  4. They look great- I don't mind cats on the table but chewing my scenery would be a no no.



  5. They are panzer III no Panzer IV's

    1. Maybe. Now I wish I didn't throw the box away but I thought they were early IVs. Not a tread head, so ...

    2. IV's and III's do look surprisingly similar for the non initiated. Just count the return rollers though, if there are 3 (like here) it's a Panzer III, if there are 4 it's a Panzer IV. Should there be none... well, chances are you've got neither ;-)

    3. Definitely a III, but as to what Ausf, I could not tell you.

  6. Nice looking squadron Mike! Yes, they'll need some serious help tackling KV's, those things are beasts! (Check your email)

  7. Excellent start, Mike! I recently tried FoW 4 and despite my doubts, I liked it quite a lot. 15mm is a great scale for the East Front.

  8. Great looking armor, Michael! I like your weathering. My own fledgling 15mm German armor is panzer grey for early war and seems a bit too dark to my eye. Your technique may work wonders on improving the look of my force.

  9. Well done Padre! I'm sure your cunning plan of using the 'Tiger' as a surprise Wunderwaffe will result in crushing defeat for the reds.

  10. Nice dry-brushing
    The PzIII's were the mainstay of the Russian invasion (not theer in teh numbers for France 1940) manning two medium coys per Panzer Battalion
    Technically you need more of them than Pz IV's who had one Heavy Coy

    I always think the PzIII is more photogenic than the clunkier IV


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