Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Secret Santa Satisfaction

It was a quiet and very happy Christmas at the Padre’s Painting Chapel. Madame Padre and I had an excellent time.

Among the goodies under the tree was this package wUK postage mark, thanks to the Secret Santa project organized by Cath and Ian Willey, with this inscription on the outside.

I certainly did like it, Secret Santa!   Inside the package was proof that my Secret Santa had carefully studied my blog and had discerned by interest (dare I say obsession?) with the Lord of the Rings, and the Isengard army I have been building.  Secret Santa was extremely generous in giving Saruman some new offensive capability.  Here is an Isengard uruk-hai battering ram team, ready to knock on the doors of Helm’s Deep.

Or maybe they’re doing log PT.  I always hated log PT.  

 I guess I had better start making something for them to batter.

As if that wasn’t generous enough, my Secret Santa also included this Isengard bolt thrower with crew, including a chap carrying  a reload.

Such a great model.  It will add some offensive punch to Isengard’s forces.   Should also prove very effective in Dragon Rampant games.   High roll to activate, but deadly when it does fire. 

Saruman is delighted with his new toys.  Here Captain Nurg explains the principles of bolt throwing to Saruman.  Nurg graduated first in his class at the Isengard Artillery School the day after he spawned.  Nurg is definitely a streamer.

Also under the tree was this box of LOTR figures from the Santa Clause project run by Christ Stoesen.  More reinforcements for Gondor!   They will need them.  Many thanks, Secret Santa Clause!

Now that Madame Padre is home and doing well, I have my own Secret Santa projects procured and painting has commenced.  They should be out the door soon.   These gift exchanges show how generous and supportive our blooging community is, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.  My thanks to my generous benefactors!




  1. So glad to hear that Mme Padre is at home and recovering :)

    Nice gifts there from your Santas :)

  2. Wow! Those are two stupendous additions to your LoTRs project. You must have been VERY GOOD this year!

  3. Some splendid gifts there, but we know that the best is having Herself home again. Best wishes to you both!

  4. You've done really well this Christmas!
    Best Iain

  5. Excellent stuff all round. And as a bonus, I can tell you that the battering ram is a bugger to assemble with all crew looking like they are actually helping out so you saved a bit of foul language there too.

  6. You've been a good boy this year, it seems.

  7. Delighted to hear that Kay is doing so well.

    You'll have to get those chaps on the table.

  8. Very nice! Log PT... that made me smile :)

  9. Home is a better place to heal. Glad to hear she is as comfortable as can be!

    That Battering Ram and Bolt Thrower are sterling gifts! Your orcs are going to run rampant (har har) over those poor Gondorian and elven defenders!


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