Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Cat Came Back

Regular readers of this blog will know that Madame Padre and I are cat people, just one cat short of being crazy cat people.  One of our cats is a long-legged ginger sass-face called Luigi, who is a frequent adornment on my wargames table.   At some point, he got the nickname of the Fell Catbeast of Mordor.

Seven weeks ago, Luigi asked to go out on a warm night, and never showed up for breakfast the next day.   After a few days, we put posters around the neighbourhood.  No luck.   On Monday morning, during my morning run, I took down the last of those posters, and started thinking of the epilogue I would write here for a cat that I had gotten quite fond of.   Half hour later, over breakfast, I heard his distinctive meow in the back yard.  Who knows what he was doing for seven weeks, or where he was doing it.  Perhaps, as someone said, he moved in with Ms. Jones next store to make us miss him, and decided to come back when he knew he could get anything he wanted out of us.

Well, it’s started.   I tried to do some painting this evening.

Nope, Imma lie on your arm.  (He did this all the time when I was writing an MA thesis a few years back).

No paint, just admire my cuteness and pet me.

Tired of your arm, imma sleep on your paint table now.

Well, he’s back, and I couldn’t be happier.   I may be less productive, for a while, but I couldn’t be happier.

Curious creatures, cats.   If he could talk, I wonder if he would tell me what he did for those last seven weeks.   

Blessings to your furry friends.



  1. Great news. I don't feel so bad about the white menace now !


  2. Fabulous news and he is seriously cute.

  3. A great story to read over my breakfast,he is indeed a lovely cat.

  4. Fantastic news Padre - so glad he came back. :)

  5. Great news
    Coincidentally he just returned aright fter the US elections... travelling with the Trump team?

  6. Glad tidings indeed. Cats are pretty cool animals really, I wouldn't be without ours.

  7. What a heartwarming tale! I do get the feeling people are more like pets in the human-cat relationship. Congratulations, Mike.

  8. I'm happy to hear of your cats' return .Years ago we had a cat .My mother volunteered to watch him at her house while we when on vacation. The day we went to pick him up he couldn't be found. After a week when we lost hope of his return, he showed up at my mother's back door. After that, we always found someone to cat sit him at our house. He was spoiled for a long time after that!

  9. Good news. It's horrible when a cat gets lost.

  10. Glad he's back. Our Charlie is an inside cat.

  11. Superb news Padre- he certainly looks happy curled up on you again.



  12. Great news!
    He might just tell you everything over a beer or two ;-)

  13. Seven weeks!!?? I don't know how I'd end up if my precious girl was missing for so long. (Hence why she is 100% an indoor cat.)

    Am eversohappy to read he came back - little sod. Looks like he is right back in the saddle again, or on your table/desk/arm/etc.

  14. Hooray! Tuna treats all around!

  15. Cats! Lost two this year for much shorter times TG. Minnow, our Siamese almost never went out until this year when started slipping out the backdoor occasionally to roll in the dirt for 2 minutes. Then one day she disappeared. i double and triple checked all of her hideyholes and secret places and searched sheds, woods etc, finally I alerted a ndighberhood fb group. Apparently that was what she was waiting for as she immediately rematerialized on my painting chair which I had been checking hourly. She admits nothing.
    The other was Frankie our tabby who is a veteran hunter who occasionally overnights outside but NEVER misses a meal. After 2 rainy nights and 3 meals we were getting seriously worried but he showed up for supper that night.

    I'm glad your friend made it home safe.

  16. That's great news Mike, I'm very glad to hear that Luigi is back home again.
    Best wishes,

  17. Hurrah! Let there be much rejoicing!

  18. "Regular readers of this blog will know that Madame Padre and I are cat people" Yeah but nobodies perfect. But even as a non cat person I am happy your boy came back. The loss of a pet can be devastating. As I type I have the hamster which my youngest daughter, 24, decided was just what I needed as a present for my birthday this year curled up in an contented over fed ball on my stomach. On days like today, when my pain levels are at "chew your own leg of" levels, the simple pleasure of stroking a pet can be remarkably good therapy.


  19. Huzzah! Excellent news Mike. Seven weeks later? Cripes you are very lucky there mate.

  20. Luigi is smart - seven weeks is just about right - more than that and you would have started to get over him. At seven weeks, he knows that you know that he knows that you are slightly worried in case he got better grub while he was away.



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