Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Die Autos

I wanted to title this post Das Auto and see how many visitors I got thinking that it was about Volkswagens, but I think Die Autos is grammatically correct, since there was more than one.

Got to the wargames club last night hoping for a good scrap.   It was racing cars instead.   Len had ordered a German game, Das Motorosportspiel, via ebay and as far as I could tell he got a map in a tube and six quite nice little racing cars.  The rules were in German and there was a translation which left us scratching our heads a bit.

but as far as we could tell, each player gets to role three dice.  Two of the dice are normal d6 and 1 is a D6 that only goes from 1 to 3.   Players can decide how many dice they will roll ahead of time, and they can adjust each die by flipping it over.   You can’t go through a turn with a die whose number is higher than the number printed on the map beside each turn, or bad things happen.

We played the game collectively, working together to decide the best use of the dice.  However, the game comes with a sand timer that gives each player only 30 seconds to adjust their dice and plot their move before making it.  That would be fun, I suppose.  We got through the game without making zoom zoom noises.
I know there are other car boardgames out there, such as GMT’s Thunder Alley.   I am a little meh about race cars, and get enough driving on my commute to work each day, but es war amusing, ich dense.  If it was more of a Europgame, each driver would have had to collect sets of tires, motor oils and carparts and sponsorships in order to develop their garages. It would also have been better if the cars each mounted a machine gun.
Blessings to your driving!


  1. No zoom zoom noises? What a mature bunch you are! I guess we are just more juvenile! Added guns would I'm sure make it more fun.
    Best Iain

    1. We can be pretty juvenile. I think that we were all waiting for somebody to start the zoom zoom noises first, and once somebody had done it, we would have got nothing else done.

  2. I'm all for machine guns, oil-projectors (to make slicks behind you), smokescreens etc. That would be a better game and you could go zoom zoom AND Dakkadakkadakka.

    1. I totally support this recommendation and would happily make dakkadakkazoomzoom noises.
      There was a Robert DeNiro movie called Ronin about gangsters driving little cars insanely in French cities while shooting at one another with guns and rocket launchers. That would make a good game.

  3. Couldn't agree more about adding machine guns into racing games Padre.



  4. I am thoroughly of the opinion with car games that you should go Mad Max or go home. Guns! Flame throwers! Bikes! I would want to make zoomzoomBOOM noises.

  5. I have a growing stable of Matchbox cars for 3x Car Wars. It's had something of a revival since Fury Road.

  6. Agree - sadly missing out on rotary cannons and spikey armour!


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