Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some More 6mm Napoleonic Scenery and the Monastery of Silence

It's not quite time to pack up the painting table yet.  Movers won't be here for another month.  I've been cracking on with a few more terrain projects for 6mm Napoleonics.

Here's a GHQ house which I thought might work as a manor for the country gentry, seeing as it looks rather genteel.

The manor ground's walls are balsa, painted, I hope, to look like stone.

One minor goof was to have the main door with the little roof over it at the back.   I only realized that after I had glued it to the base.

Like my other 6mm scale bases, this is designed to hold a stand of infantry to show a village being garrisoned.  I hope these chaps don't pilfer the gentry's silverware.

Here's another terrain project finished.  This monastery is included in the micro-scale Mediterranean village kit produced by Scott Washburn's Paper Terrain company.

I wanted a hilltop for the base, and cut a series of terraces out of foam board.  My friend Mike B recommended that I take a little red paint and touch up the white marks left from scoring the roofs with a knife before folding them.  That was good advice, they look much better.

Of course, a monastery requires a vineyard for the Abbot's table.

A difficult place to capture, especially when held by grenadiers!

Like all Paper Terrain kits, it comes with ruined versions of each building. Useful to have.  Ruined monasteries are always good for inspiring poets and romantic composers.

This reminds me of my favourite monastery joke.   There was a monastery of an order with a strict rule of silence.  It was the custom that each monk was allowed to say two words to the Abbot each year.
After his first year, a novice was brought to the Abbot.
"Brother Johan, what would you say to me?"
"Bad food."

The second year, Brother Johan again appeared before the Abbot.
This time he said, "Hard beds."

The third year, Brother Johan stood before the Abbot and said, "I quit."
The Abbot replied, "It's just as well.  All you've done is bitch and complain since you got here."

These figures bring my 2015 totals to:
28mm:  Foot Figures: 19; Mounted Figures: 10
15mm: Armour/Vehicles: 5
6mm:  Scenic pieces:  7

Kilometres Run: 240


  1. These grenadiers have choosen a beautiful mediterranean place to hold! Both of them are very impressive...

  2. Those are lovely mate. Nice work!

  3. I'm fond of paper terrain, but I'm very slow in completing the village I have (15mm European one).

  4. To quote the brilliant puppet comedian, Basil Brush - "Boom, boom!"

    Those are nifty little terrain pieces. I would consider that the correct doorway is infact at the correct facing for the manour as that's the side of the house that see's the sun at it's peak?

  5. Great terrsin pieces- especially the monastry.

    (Decent joke too)



  6. Lovely terrain, Padre. Especially impressed with the paper stuff; you've got great results out of it.

  7. Ah, the much beloved Abbey of Sts. Jerome and Augustine!
    Such a temptation to get some 6mm Napoleonics.
    (Is it OK to hate you a little?)


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