Monday, March 23, 2015

Hawks of the Luftwaffe

These terrible greenish photos were seen a few months ago in the Analogue Painting Contest, but I didn’t put them up here.   They’re some of the figures that came in a Tamiya kit of a 1/48 scale Citroen car in Luftwaffe service - I showed it off back in November.  Not the greatest figures that I’ve ever done, but I didn’t want to pour too much work into them.  The mechanic on the left looks rather like a zombie, come to think of it.

 I’m planning on using these figures for my pulp Weird War Two project. After all, SS Vampires in a secret installation need to get back and forth, perhaps in a Junkers with blackened windows.   I figure they’ll be useful targets for my commandos.  


This shot reminded me of Nigel Higgins’ article in the latest Wargames Blogger Quarterly on scale.  The lady Aviatrix in the middle is a Bob Murch Pulp Figures 28mm mini, which ls not really the same thing as 1/48 scale.  But, as Mr. Higgins notes, if it looks good, use it.  Our lady aviatrix will get to fly the Fiesler Storch 1/48 scale I’m saving to build after I move, and these tall chaps won’t.  I just hope she doesn’t mind flying at night with sketchy company.

And the big guys can fix her car.

 These figures bring my 2015 totals to:

28mm Foot: 11; Mounted:  10


15mm: Armour/Vehicles: 5


Kilometres Run:  144

MA Theses Finished: 1


  1. I like the aviatrix and am reminded of Hanna Reisch, of course.

    The mechanic is unfortunate...

    1. I think the resemblance to Fraulein Reitsch is intentional - I was happy to see her as a minor character in Downfall.

  2. One of those guys looks like he needs a piano.

    Nice little vignette you have going. The plane will be good to see. My one in 1/72nd broke up years ago, but the Fiesler Storch is a favourite.

    1. I like that, Mark. There's a Billy Joe song in there, "Play for me, Luftwaffe piano man". :)

  3. I like them, even the zombie!

  4. Rather nice work Mike. Well done. Do not worry about the photo quality mate.

  5. I like them. The scale issue is... not an issue from here. Nigel Higgins is utterly correct.

    (In that last picture, the kneeling mechanic looks as though he's just impaled his left hand with a screwdriver!?)

    1. Thanks Dai. He's a very clumsy mechanic. :) Rather like me trying to hammer a nail.


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