Thursday, November 6, 2014

Diplomacy Game: Spring 1904 Retreat Phase Complete

The Russian army displaced from Romania has elected to retreat to Sevastapol.

As the Fall 1904 turn now begins, Turkey faces some interesting choices.   Will that Army in Constantinople be thrown across the Black Sea to reclaim Sev and consolidate its hold on Russia in the face of Perfidious Albion, or will it be launched across the Eastern Med for a winter vacation in sunny Naples (and how the Italian government must be regretting its decision not to invest in more sea power!).   If Russia wants to stay in the fight, it has a shot at retaking Moscow (unless England’s Army in St P intervenes again on Turkey’s behalf) although Germany (whose inexplicable survival  is testimony to the Kaiser’s luck and powers of gab) could make a play for Warsaw.  However, England and France could gobble up all three of the Supply Centres in Germany this turn in a sort of Gotterdamerung.

Well, those are my simple observations.  I am sure General Blatt will have more to say and better analysis.

Fall 1904 promises to be an entertaining and decisive turn!  Watch this space Sunday night or Monday morning for the results.


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