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Diplomacy Game: Results for the Fall 1905 Turn

Here are the results of the Fall 1905 turn of our Diplomacy game.  

Current score:  Turkey 10; England 9; Itlay 8; France 6; Germany 1.  

Sadly, Russia is no more.   The last Russian supply centre, Warsaw, was captured by Turkey, aided by England, so I took the liberty of eliminating the Russian A War rather than making the Russian player retreat it and then disband it.  Russian player, thanks so much for participating, you had a tough run once Austria folded.    

Against all odds, Germany is still in the game with one Supply Centre, Munich, which France was unable to grab this turn.

Builds and disbands for the Adjustments Phase are shown at the very bottom of this post.

Veteran diplomacy players will recognize the endgame phase, where the amount of communication between the players drops off as the paths to victory become fewer and clearer.  However, General Blatt’s commentary will no doubt show us the subtleties and possibilities of the situation, and certainly there is scope for the two smaller fish, Italy and France, to try and engineer a falling out between Turkey and England, though for now their alliance appears fairly solid.


Moves for Fall 1905

Results for the end of the 1905 turn, including the dislodged Rus A in Warsaw.

Results for Fall, 1905 (Movement)

General Notices:

Order resolution completed on 23-Nov-2014 at 14:02:57 EST

Order Results:


 F bal Supports A kie -ber;  F den Holds
F hel Convoys A lon - kie; A kie - ber;
A lvn Supports A mos - war;

A lon - kie  Convoy path taken: lon-nth-hel-;kie.

F nth Convoys A lon -kie;  A stp Holds


F hol Holds;  A bel - ruh;

A bur - mun Bounced with sil (1 against 1). 

A pic - bel; A spa -mar Bounced with pie (1 against 1). 

 F wes - tys


A pru - ber Bounced with kie (1 against 1). 

A sil -mun Bounced with bur (1 against 1). 


A bud -rum Bounced with con (2 against 1). 

A mar -gas; A pie - mar Bounced with spa (1 against 1). 

A rom Holds; A ser Supports A bud -]rum

F tun Holds; A tyr - tri Bounced with alb (1 against 1). 


Russia: A war Holds Dislodged from mos (2 against 1). 


F aeg Convoys A smy - gre

A alb -  tri Bounced with tyr (1 against 1). 

F bla Convoys A con - rum;

A bul Supports A con - rum;

A con -rum Bounced with bud (1 against 1).

Convoy path taken: con -bla -;rum. 

F ion - adr; A mos -war;

A nap - rom Bounced with rom (1 against 1). 

Turkey: F rum - sev; A smy - gre Convoy path taken: smy-;aeg-gre. 


Supply Center Ownership:

Austria: None.

England: Berlin, Denmark, Edinburgh, Kiel, Liverpool, London, Norway, St. Petersburg, Sweden (9 total).

France: Belgium, Brest, Holland, Paris, Portugal, Spain (6 total).

Germany: Munich (1 total).I

taly: Budapest, Marseilles, Rome, Serbia, Trieste, Tunis, Venice, Vienna (8 total).

Russia: None.

Turkey: Ankara, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Moscow, Naples, Rumania, Sevastopol, Smyrna, Warsaw (10 total).


England: 9 supply centers, 8 units. 1 unit may be built.

France: 6 supply centers, 6 units. No units to build or remove.

Germany: 1 supply center is, 2 units. 1 unit must be removed.

Italy: 8 supply centers, 7 units. 1 unit may be built.

Russia: No supply centers are, No units. No units to build or remove

Turkey: 10 supply centers, 10 units. No units to build or remove.



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  1. The good General Sir Erasmus is looking closely into the situation, but for the moment, finds it hard to believe that the situation should crystallize out in so clear cut a fashion in just one year. I think you are right, and Sir Erasmus himself thought, that the thing was likely to come down to a shared hegemony between England and Turkey, or indeed a final winner takes all showdown between the two.

    I have a feeling (impressions only at this point), that 'Turkey' might not have made the very best of the opportunities that have come its way, but has got away with it through the cooperation (conscious by England, inadvertent by Italy) of its neighbours. As I say, this is impressions only; I might well be right off the mark, there.



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