Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Czar's Three Hussars

I’m on the road in Ottawa doing some research but before I left home on Wednesday i was able to finish these three fellows that have been on my desk for the last three Paint Table Saturdays.  These are 28mm Foundry figures from their Seven Years War Hussars range, from their set HUS9, Goluza’s Hussar Characters in Short Fur Hats.

 The dashing, blonde Vlaso Dobrovoevich, a young hussar officer who will be a useful character in Sharp Practice skirmish battles against the Ottoman Turks.   I’ve based his uniform on the Moldavski and Novoserbski Regiments as described by Angus Konstam in Osprey 298, Russian Army of the Seven Years War (2).



Eat lead, my friend! 

Vlaso’s friend and comrades in arms, Vakhronka Kislenok, slashing with his sabre to clear a way to get the dispatches through a swirling mass of Tatar cavalry (swirling mass not included). 







The gallant and slightly psychopathic hussar major Goluza Chemerkov.  I love the details the sculptor added with this figure -- the axe and the tricorn hat, which suggest an eccentric, rather mad personality.  Perhaps Gokuza took  the hat from an infantry officer he defeated in a duel.  The axe suggests a certain ruthless nature - Lord knows where he acquired it but I am sure he can throw it with deadly accuracy as well use it to split heads like melons.  A man to be feared when he’s in his cups, and not to be trusted with cards, but the right sort of fellow to send against the Turk.



 I’ve painted Goluza to match the uniforms of this hussar unit I painted last year.  He’ll be useful as a Big Man for these fellows in skirmish battles on the frontier.


These figures bring my totals completed this year to:

28mm Mounted: 10

28mm Foot: 20

28mm Artillery: 1

15mm Vehicles: 4

Kilometres Run:  281 












  1. Cracking figures Padre. I particularly liked the chap with the axe. I'm always intrigued by Sharpe Practice - I have a copy and have been meaning to play it for years, but it's never managed to elbow its way to the front.

    But again - well done on some excellent brush work.

  2. Thank you CK. most kind. I do recommend Sharpe Practice. It would give you a small-unit option for your Napoleonics figures.

  3. Padre Mike
    Excellent figures. Judging by your YTD total, you're obviously spending too much time taking care of your figure instead of your figures.
    Cheers, PD

    1. Thank you Peter. I would love to head downstairs to the warmth of my painting desk, but another 5K is calling my name after three days of eating bad food while travelling.

  4. Dastardly fellows! I'm sure they pass the port to the right.
    Looking forward to the "Sharp Practice" games.
    Well done. Yellow isn't an easy colour.

    1. You'll have to play those Sharpe Practice games with me.

  5. Very nice, Mike. In particular I'm envious of your talent at painting horses, I find it very hard but they look 'natural'. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are very nicely done. The horses are very well done I've painted very few of them but I understand that there is an art to it.

  7. Thanks chaps. I don't think I'm very talented at horses to be honest. For the black horse I simply dry brushed him with successively lighter greys. The light brown was a hobby acrylic (Folkart Camel I think) given a wash of Devlan Mud and highlighted, the chestnut was a dark brown with a black wash and some highlighting.

  8. Loving the character and colour in these!


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