Friday, January 31, 2014

New Ottomans - And A January Wrap

Here are the final figures I am going to claim for January in the Too Fat Lardies painting challenge at Vis Lardica - my thanks to Robert Avery, or Mr. Motivator, as Richard Clarke has christened him, for helping us Lardie Lads and Lasses track our work in a way that is considerably less Olympian than Curt’s painting challenge, but still most helpful.  Here are four projects that have been seen on my Saturday Painting Desk posts for a few weeks now.
First, a Minifigs cannon for my Ottoman Turks.   Sultan Osman the Petulant will be pleased to take delivery of this gun, which will allow him to field an entire battery of cannon.   More on that in a later post, I think.   Minifigs made some good stuff in its day - this piece, I think, was part of their English Civil War range, and looks suitably exotic in Sultan Osman’s trademark blue and white.

The wooden carriage was done in an acrylic from FolkArt, Bavarian Blue, and washed with GW/Citadel Asuren (I’m sorry GW if I have that wrong, but I really can’t be bothered to spell nonsense names correctly) Blue, and it turned out rather splendidly.

And, the first three of the twelve Spahi of the Porte cavalry from The Assault Group that I purchased last year.  I have nine more to go, but at the rate I paint one-off figures, I need to go slow with three at a time or I get swamped in all the little choices.

I’m very happy with the way the vines and flowers pattern on this fellow’s shield and caparison turned out, and very grateful for the kind comments he got from you all as he was a WIP.  Nice to have him finished.  I am encouraged to try some more freehand work with the next chaps.

These figures bring my totals completed this year to:
28mm Mounted: 7
28mm Foot: 20
28mm Aritllery: 1
Also in January: kilometres run, 107.   I am hoping to reach 110 in February, but with three days fewer to do it in, I had better not slack off.
Thanks for looking and blessings to your die rolls and brushes!


  1. That's some excellent stuff Padre! I love the blue of the gun carriage.

  2. If I could paint like that I'd give up my day job. Lovely show Padre, top notch.

  3. Very impressive freehand, Mike! Also a good idea to keep a tally...

  4. Really detailed work Mike. Well done on the outcome.

  5. Great brushwork on both cavalry and gun carriage. The heraldry on the cavalry is especially striking.


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