Monday, December 16, 2013

Padre Kevin and His Lads Are Home

I've blogged here before about my friend Kevin White, a fellow chaplain and wargamer who I met at British Army Training Unit Suffield last year.   Padre Kevin was in Canada with his unit, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, preparing for their deployment to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and we had a chance to have a game at my place, where he politely and skillfully used his tanks to mop the table with my German infantry.  Serves me right for giving a tankie padre the side with the armour.   

I had asked your thoughts and prayers for Kevin and for the safety of his lads.  I'm happy to say that Padre Kevin and his flock will enjoy Christmas at home in the UK.  This photo below from the UK MOD new service shows the medals parade for 2RTR at Tidworth Camp, Wiltshire, last Saturday, 14 December.  I hope Kevin will have a chance to roll some dice or paint some figures over the holidays.



  1. Very impressive! I'm glad we're allies.

  2. I was listening to news only yesterday that said all British Troops would be withdrawn from combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Its been a long haul and I think our guys and girls in uniform have done as good a job as they could be expected to do under very challengeing circumstances.

  3. Fabulous news to hear all safely back - I love the fact that someone tried to park that Challenger in one of the bays!

  4. Your boss be praised! Tell Padre Kevin and his lads welcome home and thanks for their hard work.

  5. Looking at that picture, I can't help asking: Who's the non-conformist? :-D


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