Sunday, October 22, 2017

Quick Update On Madame Padre

A quick update and word of thanks to those of you on social media who continue to reach out and offer their support and encouragement.   As longtime readers of this blog will know, Madame Padre has been fighting cancer for two and a half years now, and has been giving ground grudgingly.   Unfortunately, her cancer has advanced and we and her oncologist are now hoping that we will have some good months remaining.  She continues to inspire me with her resilience and peacefulness, and with her total absence of self-pity.  Our parish friends sometimes speak of her as a living saint, which causes her to gently roll her eyes, but I see their point.

Friends and family are amazing with their support and kindness.  My brother Chris flow out from Vancouver, a five hour flight, just to spend the weekend with me and to help construct this wheelchair ramp which we hope will assist Madame when she comes home from the hospital.

Knowing my interest in all things related to the B17 and to the airwar over Germany in WW2, the kind and eclectic Edwin King put together this B17 gift for me, which arrived in my mailbox last week.  It includes a guide to old USAAF airfields in Norwich, and I hope to tour them with Edwin one day.  

The wargaming hobby is pretty much on hold for me at present.   The only accomplishment I can point to is that I snickered the blocks for the Command and Colors Napoleonic Epic expansion.  Lord knows when I will play it.

I'll leave you with this photo of happier times last August, when Madame was well enough to come to work and be present at my promotion to Major.   We were joined by my ecclesiastical boss, the Anglican bishop ordinary to the Armed Forces.   He used to play Avalon Hill games as a boy, and I've encouraged him to visit this blog and see what a mad padre does.

Please keep Kay and I in your thoughts and prayers and accept my apologies for not visiting your own blogs and projects as they deserve.   Thank you for all your support and encouragement in this hard journey.




  1. You clearly have for more important things to do than posting or reading blogs, so the update is much appreciated. I'm sure I speak for your other readers when I say you are both in our thoughts.

  2. Exactly, Tim and Jonathan!
    Continuing prayers for you and yours...

  3. Plus another one! Best wishes for you and madame Padre.

  4. Always I pray for those in struggle. Enjoy the happy days you have together.

  5. You both remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thanks for sharing this update with ux, I, like many others, have been wondering. Best of possible times for the two of you in the days ahead.
    Joy in present blessings beats fear of future pain.

  7. You are both in my thoughts. My extended family have had a few unfortunate brushes with 'The Big C' in the last couple of years and I can appreciate what a tough time you must both be having. Wishing you all the best from across the pond.

  8. My thoughts are with you.



  9. You are both remarkable people but more importantly an admirable and amazing duo together.
    Best wishes to you both

  10. I'm sure your making the most of your time together , good luck, all the best.

  11. Very best wishes and God bless you both.


  12. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to see that the preparations are underway to get Kay home. Take care of each other.

    I hope the books aren't too blurry for you to enjoy!

  13. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


  14. Love and best wishes from us all.

    The Airhead family

  15. Best wishes from me- I can only echo Tim's opening post.



  16. Best wishes for you both, Padre.

  17. Two and a half years, and still fighting. Mme Padre must be one tough, tough, lady. With fortitude to match. All my best wishes to you both.

  18. As always Mike, much love from me to Kay and your good self. Your wife really is an inspiring character.

    Get back to hobby, when you feel like it my friend.

  19. There's nothing much to add to what has gone before. You are both in my thoughts, and I wish you the joy of more good times together.

  20. Padre -
    All I can say is that I'm happy that you and Madame MP are getting support, kindness and love. I will also say that she's not the only one who seems to be dealing with the situation with grit and not an ounce of self-pity. I wish a lot of strength to you both.


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