Saturday, February 11, 2017

Some Heroes of Spain

Not much to say about these chaps except that I painted them for MS Foy, proprietor of Prometheus in Aspic, in return for many kindnesses he has shown me.   These chaps are part of his 1809 Spanish army, and represent the Voluntarios de Campo Mayor, a light infantry regiment.  Tony has some learned background on them here and here.   A learned chap, Foy 

 The figures are 20mm, by Spanish maker Falcata.  They are lovely sculpts, but according to Foy, Falcata has had a troubled business history and one would think twice about sending them one’s hard earned dosh.





I had great fun painting them, but I think if I was to do Napoleonics in a larger scale than 6mm, I would go all the way up to 28mm.  

I am happy to report that these fellows made it successfully over the waters and are now in Foy’s possession, where it does my heart good to think that they will certainly find the best of wargaming homes.

Blessings to your brushes! 


These figures bring my 2017 totals to:

15mm: Vehicles: 3

20mm: Foot figures: 18

28mm:  Foot Figures: 31;  Mounted Figures: 2


  1. Excellent brushwork, Michael! Where did YOU find the Falcata figures? Being a bit thin, they certainly fit the role of hard campaigners. I am sure Tony will put these troops in an honored poison on the battlefield.

    1. I have no idea how to get Falcata figures, Jon. Tony sent them to me to be painted, I think he got them when there was a UK distributor who, as Tony told me, got badly burned in the deal.

    2. Sheesh. If only I could type accurately. Of course, "poison" was meant to read "position!"

  2. Really like these. Slim tho they may be, they are still nice sculpts and your painting makes them better.


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