Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Not A Sausage In June, But A Nice Shirt

It's been bloody forever since I touched a paint brush, except for yesterday, during my lunch hour at work, so maybe that, and today's post, counts as breaking my slump. Travel, work, and a touch of what the medievals called accidia, or in good old fashioned English - sloth, have kept me much from the hobby. My painting project in June was to paint the fence around my backyard, which was in an appalling state, and all had to be scraped first. Well, still has to be scraped, really, since I've only managed to do one side, working the odd hour in the evening or all of the Monday of the Canada Day weekend. It's not great fun, and I'd rather be prepping little men, but when it's done at night, a beer and a half hour playing baseball on the PS3 is all I'm good for.

The scraped fence thus far. Anyone want to come help? There's a beer in it for you!

One good thing that happened in June was a shirt exchange with Fran, The Angry Lurker, who had designed some smashing shirts for his group of UK gamers, Posties' Rejects. There is a bit of a Canadian connection with the Posties, because my fellow Canuck blogger, Curt, of Analogue Hobbies fame actually made it over to the UK and played in a game with the Posties this spring. So when I proposed to Fran that I swap him a quality Canadian Forces shirt for a Posties shirt, I felt it was appropriate to have Canadian Chapter put on the back of mine.

Me with the shirt. Definitely the handsomest of the Rejects. Again with the fence!

Such a lot of silver hair. I didn't think I was that old.

Old, and mad.

This shirt goes into a special part of my wardrobe, beside Hot Lead red staff shirt and a rare Too Fat Lardies golf shirt. My son tells me that only an enormous geek would collect wargaming shirts. I tell him I'm not that enormous. So hopefully I'll get the chance to wear this shirt at a game or two soon, and that getting this post up will break the chains of lethargy and get me back to my paint bench ... in an old shirt, because I'm sloppy with paint.


  1. Nicely done Mike! I have massive shirt envy now (although I'm glad your red Hotlead shirt has some good company).

    I'm just breaking my own painting slump too.

  2. Very nice indeed!!! Another member of the Rejects Fraternity!! All you've gotta do now is make it over for a game!!

  3. Glad you got it, yours arrived on Monday and obviously I'm the most handsome Reject!

  4. "accidia"... *snicker* "The Noon-day Devil" Ah, what does it matter?

  5. Stain the fence, dude: wood stain's the caper. Has to be touched up from time to time, but at least you do not have to do the bally scraping. I imagine Tom Sawyer would never have got written if the eponymous character had had to scrape the fence before whitewashing it...

  6. Nice touch in the shirt. I may have to speak to these guys that I met in Salute last April to open up an Spanish chapter

  7. @ James: The Hot Lead shirt will always have place of pride. It even gets its own hanger, vice being scrunched up in my dresser with my other Ts.
    @ Ray: Hoping to get over sometime next year or two, mate, once I get posted back East and don't have to fly over bloody North America before catching a plane over the pond.
    @Fran: Thanks again, mate. We'll have to split the honours on who's the handsomest.
    @John - trust a Lutheran to know his Latin. Well done.
    @Archduke P: I'd love to stain it, mate, but the whole fence is covered with ten year old, peeling latex (emulsion to you Brits, I think) paint, which has to come off first. Ugh.
    @Annibal: You should do that. A Rejects Spanish Legion would be awesome.

  8. Well done on the shirt. My experience fwiw is that grey hair has nothing to do with growing old. (or was that growing up?....) -Ross

  9. Quickly run some chicken wire along the fence and introduce some type of creeping vine...Fence painting problem solved!

    The silver issue however is something I cannot comment on as mine went south for the winter a few years ago and only some of them bothered to make it back.

    Model on Mike!

  10. Wood-stain or Creosote (if you can till get that stuff) is your friend, Mike. Otherwise, don't you have ever-eager Canadian cubs or Boy Scouts to do this kind of hard manual work for a couple of dollars on Bob-a-Job week? Anyway, the shirt looks very splendid!

  11. Very posh! I'm jealous as I don't have one of those and I had to put up with those gits for a whole day! ;)


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