Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some British Tommies finished

It's been a little quiet at the Mad Padre's workshop this last week, since the sunken road was finished and posted here. That project got some very nice reviews on www.guildwargamers.com, making me think I'm a better terrain modeller than I am mini painter. Reason for the delays - my wife and I decided to watch the entire ABC series Jericho for the first time and found we couldn't stop watching, it consumed our evenings, and also I'm back to my 6am runs (I get up at 5K) and my bedtimes are getting earlier. I'm determined I won't paint more at the cost of gaining weight and losing my fitness, so it's back to the search for the elusive balance.

Some time back I was tempted by a package of British manufacturer Valiant's hard styrene late war British/Commonwealth infantry. These are hulking great figures, closer to 25mm than the 1/72nd scale they're advertised to be. However they have lots of options (the sprues are very similar to Games Workshop products) and they are a treat to paint up. Here's what I got done this last few weeks - they're painted in the light blue patches of 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

Platoon commander, company commander and signaller:

Infantry section:

Bren gun team:

Tonight I need to get back to my Guild Britannia Russians project, as Sept 20th is creeping up on me and I need to get the little blighters done.

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