Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Imperial Guard Squad Finished

Here's a shot of my first squad of Games Workshop Imperial Guard figures. I'm pleased with the result, except for the GW decals on the shoulder pieces of the flak jackets, which did not take well to the final finish of Testors Dullcote that I used. Perhaps in future I'll just avoid the decals.

The final camp pattern, based on the British Denison parachute jump smock of WW2, turned out reasonably well. The shininess of the Vallejo paints that I was worried about didn't persist - one good result for the dullcote.

Here's the Guard sergeant with his chainsword.

There's a command squad nearing completion on the painting desk, and a second combat squad in early days. Oh, and there may be a half complete Lehman Russ tank trundling around the basement.

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  1. If the decals silvered around the edges this is from applying them over a flat surface. A coat of future floor wax prior to the decals will give a smooth surface that won't trap air and cause silvering. Since you are dullcoating after painting it won't matter that the area around the decals was shiny.


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